Privacy Policy

Obtaining Customers' Personal Information
in Accordance with the Act on the Protection of
Personal Information

Obtaining Customers' Personal Information

When it is necessary for Mikuchi Industrial to obtain personal information, the intended use of this personal information is clearly expressed; only that information which is needed to for the intended use is obtained; and the information is obtained through fair means.
Also, in addition to this basic policy, whenever it is necessary to perform follow-up contact with customers, they may be asked to specify their preferred means of communication.


Intended Use of Personal Information

Mikuchi Industrial will not use personal information obtained from customers for anything other than the stated intended use without the customers' express permission.
Personal information is obtained for a variety of intended uses, including responding to inquiries, gathering feedback, developing products, providing product information, sending notifications about seminars and events, making deliveries, performing hiring and offering services; however, the scope of usage of any personal information obtained shall be limited to that for which it was originally obtained.
Usage outside of the scope of intended use may occur if circumstances require it and only when disclosed or communicated to users in advance.


Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Customers' personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without customers' consent.
However, disclosure without customer consent may occur in the following circumstances.

  1. When disclosure is ordered by a court, the police or other official body having justifiable grounds for issuing such an order.
  2. When disclosure is required by law.
  3. When disclosure to third parties is both urgent an unavoidable in order to ensure the safety of persons or property, to protect human life or in other such circumstances.

Personal information may be disclosed or provided to third party affiliate companies, distributors and retailers in order to provide an appropriate response to customer inquiries or consultations.
However, such disclosure or provision is done with the advance permission of customers and shall not be performed if requested not to do so by the customer himself or herself.
Please be aware that requesting non-disclosure may limit or prevent Mikuchi Industrial in handling your inquiry or consultation.


Recording of Inquiries and Consultations

Mikuchi Industrial may record the content of inquiries and consultations in order to ensure the answers or response which are provided are appropriate.
In addition to facilitating inquiry and consultation responsiveness, recorded content may be used to help Mikuchi Industrial improve its products and services; however, customer anonymity shall be maintained and no information enabling personal identification will be used.
Recorded information shall not be diverted to any use other than those stated here without the express permission of the customer in question.