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The Mikuchi Industrial websites administered by Mikuchi Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "the Company").
By using the Websites you agree to the following terms of use.
Please make sure to regularly check these terms of use, as they are subject to change.



The contents of the Websites are the property of the Company or of third parties who have granted the Company permission for use, and all contents are protected by the Copyright Act.
With the exclusion of non-commercial and personal use, the contents of the Websites may not be reproduced, reprinted, altered, redistributed, used or translated into another language without the prior approval of the Company.



The names of the Company's products and services appearing on the Websites are registered trademarks of the Company or are trademarks which the Company has the right to use.
In addition, the names of other companies' products and services appearing on the Websites are registered trademarks of their respective companies or are trademarks which said companies have the right to use.



The information on the Websites may include inaccurate descriptions or typographical errors.
In addition, the Company reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the displayed content of the Websites as well as the content of the products and services displayed.
How or whether customers utilize the information displayed on the Websites is left up to and is the responsibility of the customers themselves.
Please understand that under no circumstances does the Company assume responsibility for any loss or damage which customers may experience as a result of using the information or related products and services appearing on the Websites.


Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stipulated, Website usage and all matters pertaining to the Websites are governed by Japanese law.
For all disputes relating to the Websites, the Osaka District Court shall have jurisdiction as the court of first instance.


URL Display

The Websites' URLs should be displayed as follows when included in websites, publications, printed materials, documents, etc.

Mikuchi Industrial website

FORD website

Herb Magic website

Moture website

Landcare website

Delicious Discussion about Beauty and Health Biscotti


Limitation of Liability and Guarantee

The Websites are subject to change or discontinuation without notice. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of changing or discontinuing the Websites.



The Websites use the following plug-ins. Users who have not installed these plug-ins should download them via the links provided below and install them prior to using the Websites.
Please be aware that the plug-ins used by the Websites are subject to change without notice.

Adobe Reader is required to view files in PDF format.
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Adobe Flash Player is required to use Flash applications.
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Browser specifications:

The Websites make use of style sheets (hereafter "CSS"), JavaScript and other advanced Web technologies on some pages.
Users whose browser technologies are incompatible with these technologies, or whose browsers are not fully updated, may not be able to fully utilize all functions of the Websites or may not be able to properly view all pages.



Please be aware that printing the screen display of the Websites may produce results which differ from what is shown on-screen due to the characteristics of the user's browser or OS environment.

Encrypted Communications (Information Security)

In order to ensure security, encrypted communication methods (SSL) have been adopted for some services and content.
Browsers which do not support SSL will be unable to utilize these service and content pages; therefore, users are asked to ensure that they have enabled SSL usage for their browser and have updated their browser's SSL compatibility.
The Websites utilize encryption to protect data communications containing personal information.
Details about how the Websites handle personal information are provided in the Privacy Policy.


Updated on November 2, 2009