2021-2022 Autumn/Winter



Pink Brown Beige

Transparency and sexyness are the focus of attention
A combination of beige that gives a warm image and pink that adds sex appeal.
Not only gloss and transparency, but also skin tone looks beautiful.
By putting a layer around the face and making a big wave, it produces overall softness. For an adult style with deep and transparent make-up.


sheertne >
Amber × Petal


noffy >
Arrange wax × Repair oil

Make up

Eye:Orange & Brown



Smoky Ash

More fashionable with the ennui dark hair center part
The cool dark tones tend to look heavy, but by adding a layer on the surface to match the skeleton, the atmosphere is emphasized.
With a styling that allows light to pass through naturally without creating too much bunch, a highly likable style is completed!


sheertne >
Midnight × Meadow


noffy >
Hard wax × Nuance jam



A popular salon with the ability to be talked about on SNS.
The strength is adult foreign-style colors. With overwhelming technical capabilities and proposals, we will send out a free way of life and style that is not influenced by the times and trends and is not bound by stereotypes!

freera shibuya
5F, 2-30-4 dougenzaka, shibuya, tokyo


From left side
Shoma Okuda    @freera_shoma_okuda
ryousuke takayasu(Representative) @freera_takayasu
Hiroya Kamiishi   @kamiishi_freera




The photograph is an image. Also, due to the display screen, the actual color may differ.