AquaCouture is a hair care system that infuses rich moisture into salon work to make
everything from coloring to perms more enjoyable. AquaCouture is for those perfect styles that
get abandoned because they cannot be combined with treatment… Soft silhouettes, styles with
well-defined waves, deep coloration, dazzling luster… Achieve a soft, finished look that is both
full of volume and deep, penetrating moisture.


アクアクチュール CMCミスト

AquaCouture CMC Mist
Formulated with hypernano CMC (hair repair ingredient) to replenish CMC oils within hair. Also facilitates medicinal and moisture delivery, as well as prepares a structural foundation for retaining bound water.

150mL(1,800 yen)
500mL refill

アクアクチュール PPTミスト

AquaCouture PPT Mist
Formulated with a careful balance of nano-PPT platinum (hair repair ingredient), Keratide (hair protection ingredient) and wool keratin (hair protection ingredient) to repair damage holes within hair and prepare a structural foundation for retaining bound water.

500mL refill

アクアクチュール TAローション

AquaCouture TALotion
Utilizes a cross-linking effect*1 to bolster the internal strength of hair lacking in cystine bonds. Also enhances wave elasticity and holding power.

500mL refill

アクアクチュール CMCバッファー

AquaCouture CMC Buffer
Provides supplementation of hypernano CMC (hair repair ingredient) while limiting the effect of residual alkalines in order to perform pH adjustment of hair. Also utilizes a cross-linking effect*1 and acid treatment to perform interior conditioning of hair.

500mL refill

アクアクチュール 1stクリーム

AquaCouture 1st Cream
Urea derivative*2 with high permeability helps moisturize the interior of hair. Supplements hypernano CMC (hair repair ingredient) and nano-hyaluro-platinum (hair repair ingredient) to prepare a structural foundation for retaining bound water.


アクアクチュール 2ndミスト

AquaCouture 2nd Mist
Utilizes nano-PPT platinum (hair repair ingredient) and Keratide (hair protection ingredient) to perform supplementation and repair deep within hair according to the size of the damage holes within the hair. Helps the supplementation ingredients of the 1st Cream homogeneously penetrate hair's interior while also helping lock in the effects of the 3rd Cream.

500mL refill

アクアクチュール 3rdクリーム

AquaCouture 3rd Cream
Utilizes a cross-linking effect*1 and acid treatment to lock in the supplementation ingredients of the 1st Cream and 2nd Mist within damaged hair areas, as well as ensure sensor 18MEA*3 ingredients are retained within the hair and on its surface, to create hair which is pleasantly pliable.


アクアクチュール モアリュクス

AquaCouture More Luxe
A concentrated treatment formulated with three nano-Aqua ingredients (hair repair ingredients) that help ensure the feel and texture of salon treatments last longer. Treatment every three days to once a week will ensure pleasantly pliable hair with a soft texture.

50g(1,000 yen)

CMCバッファー 専用詰替えボトル

CMC Buffer Dedicated Refill Bottle



Mist Refill Bottle

Attachments (2nd Mist, CMC Mist, PPT Mist)

*1: Helps ensure supplementation ingredients are retained inside hair and do not wash out.
*2: Hydroxyethyl urea (moisturizing agent)

*3: Cetearamidoethyldiethonium Succinoyl Hydrolyzed Pea Protein (moisturizing agent)

*All prices shown exclude tax.